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Hydrogen the Liquid gas who does it all. TL

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Above a ridiculous picture giving the Humans a History of 11,700 years, the time Hellas History is over 5,000 years.  Also, the first layer 4.6 billion years old by the Core the time the first layer is the top one the one we live on! There is no layer by the Core and never will be one, as a result of the heat generated by the Core, the Active layer and the liquefied substance. The newest layer ends over 7 Km from the Core, a stupid and immoral presentation that the White House accepted!  T.L.  7/21/2023

Yes, our Core is an elusive source of magnetational pull. That happens because the main source of magnetic pull (the Iron) as of the pressurization has been one with none ferrous entities like the Gold for an example, resulting to that elusive outcome which is normal and acceptable. Iron is the greatest quantity but, not one piece, is spread all over and in between it none ferrous is involved. TL

From now on survival depends 100% to the Core and us who have to accommodate the Core properly. The way it is now, is simply a suicide mission. TL

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)

Today, I'm here, and once I am here I will publish the actual origin of the UFO, who after all they are not UFO at all. Well, the (UFO) do not move on diesel engines, do not move on gasoline, do not move on electricity, do not burn coal. After all and as a result of their size and speed, the above ways do not fit. The UFO are produced by the USA , are a secret development relaying to magnetic fields produced by the ISS, that allows extreme capabilities  on a minimal space and super advanced artillery. Although, sometimes accidents happens as a result of electronic interception by the storms and by Humans, in that order do not worry (and or worry!), because we are the only one Star active within our Solar system and Nobody is around within our reach! T.L

In regards the Giant's Betelgeuse facts, temperature, size, Active Radius, inactive Corona's play and general stabilization, declares the process of depressurization. Betelgeuse posses a Core the size of our Star Sun on a temperature of at least 25 million C. it's depressurization will be the beginning of hundreds new Stars through Zymosis and Fermentation. The location of its Active  radius stipulates an age of trillions of years. The tremor of its inactive Corona is proper as of its size. TL

The Act of decompression is a consequence of the Active radius termination. The first stage is a normal burn along with Helium, which one help's to a normal burn keeping low the liquefied substance. After the Helium expires, the liquefied substance increases shaping the crust on the face by volcanic eruptions and beneath by the Active Radius, the space water shapes the Oceans, Genesis takes place, the crust increases, the crust ends her development producing  a lot of compression shutting off most of the existed volcanic vent arteries, by liquefying them. This phase causes greater compression and this is where the detonation takes place. Part of the crust travels to the outer space but, the crust is heavy and falls back to destroy the planet. Simple result of a cool calculation, physics and the Earth's history. The active radius temperature reduced as a result of the thermal maximum event about 70 million years ago, and this is where we stand today. TL

The plates movement are not based on the Earth's Core! There are no Well-established plates, All plates are traveling on the top of the liquefied gases. The abnormalities of the magnetic variation are not the result of the (complex liquid motion). What exists, are liquid gases burning towards the Core, and liquefied gases below it produced by the faulty burn. That process reduces the crust's distance from the Core, decreasing the variation and according its randomly controlled movement and speed to a particular direction, the heavier the plate the slower the movement. TL

The permanent future of a Planet is its Core. All Planets are Stars on less mass, everything else moving in space without a Core are Asteroids and or Planetary debris. Planets are Stars active or inactive and all planets possess a core active or inactive. TL

Nebulas are not an entity, Nebulas doesn't exist. Zymotic and Fermentation, is what takes place, after the Stars expiration, for the new liquid gases production. The amount and size of the existed magnetic fields decide accordingly. TL

The end of friction as a result of the depressurization causes the heavy elements to spread 360 degrees on a wide area, away from the Star's Giantism. Asteroids of great magnitude are mostly result of impacts between planets that didn't make it into an active system, while still within the zymotic and fermentation's area and can be found anytime and fished out by active systems, while within their path. TL  

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ZYMOSIS-FERMENTATION Our Core contains the elements of Iron, Rhenium, Palladium, Osmium, Cobalt, Nickel, Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, Copper, Cobalt, Silver and Tungsten. Although, and because of the Iron's majority it looks like one piece, phenomenon of the pressurization. After the depressurization occurs the liquid gas disappears and the iron spreads around, creating unequal magnetic fields, causing like that zymotic and fermentation. THERE IS NO SINGULARITY AFTER THE DEPRESSURIZATION IT IS A REBIRTH! Themistoklis Liardakis

The Variety number and size of the gravitational fields are simply random. TL

There are NO two Cores within our Planet and or any other Planet. Our Core and or anyone else Core is a matter of physical pressurization when the liquid gases be found as a result of Zymosis and Fermentation. After that, and during development the Core as a result of her magnetational pull collects the liquefied substance that didn't solidified, (didn't converted to Crust). That way the Core looks like a little strange. Although, when the Active radius of the Planet expires that liquefied substance will expire too, the Core will show its actual, initial structural shape and within a particular time frame, which depends on its size, will cool down and will expire at a particular degree. That subject is endless but, you got already a major description of the Core's time frame. TL

All Nuclei Stars contains the same minerals. Scientists support the wrong thesis, by accepting only the Hydrogen's presence in our Star's Core, Hydrogen is the carrier of all minerals I describe, after all without Hydrogen, depressurization could not be a possibility!   TL

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Olympus mons. After the depressurization the Planet's water dissipated as of luck of gravity, and the planet ended inhabited. Mars will not attract anymore space water making it's condition worse. Mars is a small ideal planet to occupy on a technical Core. We can attract space water whenever we need it, and move the planet away from the debris. Olympus was a subvolcano. Olympus is rimmed with a 4 mile scarp, and is big as the state of AZ.  TL

Goldilocks zone is the zone where the Active Star's rays allow development by keeping the Liquid gases alive. As a result, by the end of the liquid gases burn (or before that happens), the planet's development ends by depressurization or the compression act, right now we are facing the issue of the compression act and we must ACT.

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What is a Planet? A Planet or Star is a body in space traveling in orbit or with a particular destination, depends on the conditions. While a Planet is of less density from the one existed by the Galaxy, then it bounds towards the Galactic Center, along with its Solar system, in opposite case keeps an orbit. Active Stars are huge balls of Hydrogen on 70% gases and Helium on 28% of gases, Inactive Stars are the ones found within a Solar system most of them frozen and if someone be found within the Goldilocks zone is a developing inactive Star. The ones that develop, as a result of it, die of depressurization when their Active radius reaches the Core and her temperature is equal to the Core or greater. In case for a reason the temperature is less than the Core (like on Earth), then and because of their Active radius presence at the Core die as of the Act of Compression. Gases concentrated around the Core most get a way out, also the Active radius flame becomes a temporary resident of the Core and its activity melts the volcanic vents making the gases concentration dangerous. This is how our Moon went in orbit and the existed debris by our day side became possible. NOW, think about what is going to happen with our Active radius on the Core! A detonation will take place, a piece of our crust will be on its way for an orbit but will never make it there, because our Crust today is huge, in that order will bounce back to destroy the Planet. In order to avoid destruction we most bore vertical tunnels to the top of the Super Calderas at a diameter of at least 20 feet or more. During the detonation the way out will happen through the less distance=less resistance, and that will be our Tunnel or tunnels. That is the way to protect efficiently our Planet, in order to continue. TL

Star Earth in cooling. Asthenosphere is not a layer and have nothing to do with the Planetary structure, and as of it do not exist. It is obvious that the Crust builds from the top of the flame towards the Core. That happens because the burn exist on the top lowering to the Core as the Active flame lessens (just plain and strict laws of Physics). The Crust also build's from Volcanic events, expelling liquefied substance to the face creating like that mountains, increasing the top layer's thickness and in many cases creates physical harbors against the Wilde Nature, attracting inhabitants! The same incident happens in greater volume when the burn misses the Helium, which comes in a lower volume of 28%  and expires quickly resulting to a greater liquefied state. The Sun has no similar issue because on 15,000,000 C performs a total dissipation, in that order when it's active radius reaches the Core, a total and true depressurization occurs, spreading its Core 360 degrees creating countless and various sizes of new stars where the most freeze as a result of mass or zone.  Themistoklis Liardakis  -   

The act of decompression takes place when the planet's vents or volcanic rims, are not enough to provide proper ventilation. Gas concentrated as a result of the liquid burning gases and the liquefied gases residency will find its way out, even if it must split the planet in half. That is the main reason to create wide tunnels to the domes of the Super Calderas, a smart and effective way to reach the Core, in order to perform proper and permanent way of ventilation, Also wide tunnels will be priceless for the creation of Countries 5 Km or more below the crust and instant visitation on the top for various purposes, like greenhouses  TL

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Decompressing the Super Calderas dome by vertical tunneling. As a result of the gas and pressure encounter over the Core , we most create a hole on the dome of the Caldera of at least a four feet diameter, using nonexplosive armory. That can be achieved from the face crust to a thick caldera crust of two Km. After we complete the task the Caldera's gas will decompress to the surface and existed gas below the Caldera will do as well. The tunnelling's capacity of 10 Km by 20' diameter will be over 77 billion U.S Gallons fact that exonerates the possibilities  for an eruption and resets the liquefied substance back to the Core. TL  WWW.OURSTAREARTH.COM  WWW.PLANETINPERIL.INFO

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The core consist of pressurized Liquid gases who looks like solidified as a result of their pressurization. TL

-I must clarify here that what scientists call liquid iron around the Core, is no more than the Hydrogen's liquefied gas consequence of its faulty burn. That liquefied gas absorbed by the Cores gravitational pull which withholds it according its capabilities, the remaining redirects to Calderas through vents redirecting to the surface as lava, cools down and shapes the crust. The fortified Crust from the active Star's rays and the daily range of temperature, forces zymosis following Fermentation, generating green life and this is the beginning of Genesis. TL  WWW.PLANETINPERIL.INFO  WWW.OURSTAREARTH.COM 

Our Moon became possible as of an act of Compression 70 million years ago, that event caused the Thermal maximum age which brought over 10 years of pitch dark condition, dinosaurs disappear, animals and Humans became smaller, the large hole of the ozone over the South Pole, the Atlantis disappearance (a huge portion is up on the Moon), and later on the Pangaea's split. We are on the same spot today, and we are awful close to a similar event but, this time any chunk pushed out as of a detonation will not be in orbit, will bounce back to destroy the Planet. TL

Greeks, Trojans and Hildas, three planets who became clouds of debris after the Cannibalism. There are no special Cores or hidden shells on the active Stars and their planets, (Inactive Stars). It is only Cores of Liquid gases (Hydrogen) pressurized by its active radius, which expands by millions of times when the burning process of the radius, reaches the Core's pressurized ones. That is a normal occurrence, all active and inactive Stars when their active liquid gases reach their Core undergo. TL

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There are no plates (well established) up on the Core. All of them are floating. There are some deeper than the others (not much) but they float too. TL

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Surtsey, a volcanic island off the southern coast of Iceland. Formed in a subvolcanic eruption of the  mid-Atlantic ridge which began 130 meters below the Ocean level. The island became reality on November 1963 covering an area of 346 Acres, as of the Magma's inability to expand westward. TL

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Tungurahua Crater's morphology includes a steep embankment that has to be taken seriously and check the eye hole often, mostly after eruptions for blockages, by hardened usually flat cooled lava debris, which do not Allow Live Lava's Penetration and Expansion of gases, leading to detonation. TL 

At Salinas beach, Ecuador they made the right thing by leaving the Black Smoker stay on the beach, not mixing with the rest of the sand, avoiding the beaches destruction. On the east coast of the USA besides two Mayors, nobody else listened to me, when I told them to keep away from any works on the beach, today the East Coast of USA is Garbage. Black smoker all over the beach and as a result of the mixing the sand became hard as their heads!  Also, there are sea shells broken (as a result of the mixing work) and walking on the beach is a suicide mission!   TL

Variation of temperature is a matter of Volcanic, sub-volcanic, wobbling, cavities activity and the Active Stars Corona! In that order there in no much we can do in order to control that issue.  TL 

DEAD FISH! is it not strange? How come the fish die like that? Well it is simple, after all that's why I'm here. The fish BOILS and dies because it will pass over a subvolcanic artery. Sub-volcanic Arteries exist in various depths of the Oceans land's crust. In that order when a team of fish pass over a heated water as a result of its subvolcanic activity, it simply boils and there after the local currents will shovel the dead team at the nearest harbor!  TL

There is a lot of noise, noise of misunderstandings and immaturity in regards ourStarEarth. The late discovery they committed is that our Planet Earth, contains another Planet Earth! What they discovered finally is what I State long time ago, and I never said anything like that. What I said is that our Planet during the Active radius burn liquefies! That Liquefied substance, cools down and becomes CRUST. Some Liquefied substance applied from the inner layer ends to the Core, mostly the one applied lately while the Active radius close to it. That makes the Core look like another Star but, it is only our Core dressed naturally on liquefied substance! Also, Liquefied substance's temperature is lower than the Core's one, in that order the Core looks like another Star. In case the Liquefied substance was as hot as the Core or hotter, depressurization would have taken place and I would have not been here to waist my time repeating what I mention in the past, neither you. 08/22/2023 TL

National geographic,

(nationalgeographic) a Company that is reputable on their business by selling ridiculed, incorrect information. Nothing of the above happens. We are extension of our Core. Our Core is the pressurization of our Liquid gases and poses no independent spin. We are one piece, even the monkey below can understand that simple engineering state, to be more precise the word (liquefy) means (produce of the dirt) as of it , we are the consequence of dirt. TL

Layers of the Earth. This is the year of 2023 a year of drastic Geophysical changes, a year that demands troubleshooting, sacrifices and hard work if we want to survive and give the opportunity to the youngsters for continuation but, the today's education has not change since the medieval times education and this is what they still deliver in the classrooms, keeping stupidity alive! They still believe that the Earth's first layer begins from the                          Earth's Core and that disappoints me.                                      The first Layer is the one we live up on!   TL


What is discovery? Discovery is something new or old, something that happens on and off, which causes drastic, dramatic changes, or minor, not important ones that, in both cases are hard to isolate. When we discover something we provide proof of evidence, common sense, history and if possible testimonials/. When we discover something, we do it because we understand the nature, the complexity and the subject's materialistic influence. Thus innovators performing the act, are capable of troubleshooting and solve issues pertaining to their subject.  TL

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Singularity is a tales story, our planet is a Star in the Goldilocks zone and as of it develop. Stratosphere, Mantle and outer Core layers do not exist. The older layers of crust are the ones at the top, not the deeper ones near to the Core. We are the outcome of Liquefied substance as a result of low burning temperature. Stars within the Goldilocks zone must expire, (a result of their development). The two Liquid gases playing a role during the life time of a Star are Hydrogen at 70% and Helium at 28% which helps the Hydrogen to perform a cleaner and quicker burn initially. Nebula do not exist.  TL  (Note: I can postpone expiration.)

Our Republic is self destructed, because abused the right of Liberty and Equality. Because has taught Citizens to regard Insolence as a right, Illegality as freedom, Impudence as Equality and Anarchy as a Bliss. Isocrates 436 BC to 338 BC  TL

You can view on the wide edge of the steel rod, the transmitter illegally installed after FBI Agent's order to the Surgeon, which transmits location, voice and images of mine to their client, Motherfucker, Bank robber, thieve, Murderer, Liar, Pimp, Fence bastard and distorted mind Panagiotis Karkalis. TL

About my work.  I established our origin, including Solar systems of our density, animals, green life, birds and sea life. On Humans the Nature creates a strong bond and this is normal because we originate from, in that order, negligence of the people is a normal phenomenon and we most find the way to troubleshoot behind the scenes, thing that is impossible without the power of the money.
The next alternative is publishing and this is where I lay my hope, but it doesn't work, I only got a message from the White House of (Thank you) and I will not get anything else.
Right now, in case they read me, they may realize the fact that we are destined to grow, progress and perhaps be able to move at another Solar system under similar conditions before our planet cease existing. While we live here we most work for a possible new orientation at a new Planet, because everything has an end.

Earth out of water and without 1/3 of her body (modified by TL)

We are living on a little Star found in the Goldilocks zone where development is mandatory. We must realize that our Star is fragile and its development will end soon, or later on. In order to get that (later on), we must realize and adopt proper measurements. In opposite case we will expire pretty soon and this is what I stipulate on my work. Think about our Home, follow my guidelines and enjoy life, because you deserve it.  TL