The President of Russia Vladimirovits Putin, officially

entered Mafia style politics on 2000.

He knew very well that, he couldn’t compete on the political arena

on ordinary means, in that order he took advantage of our

freedom based political system.

His primary targets, USA, Great Britain and France have been

inundated not with spies, but with businessmen, specializing

on their fields, with a lot of capital to start with, International

connections, local support from sister Companies and the

desire of all to go in business with them,

because they are really good on their fields.

Their influence on the Market, Politics and Crime

is vigorous and their contribution towards the

Russian interest decisive!

They do also, have strong ties with the Judicial department,

their own high rank Judges and Attorneys.

Drug Lords cooperation and obedience, harboring from X

President William Clinton, through the Clinton Global

Initiatives, where they become members on a $20,000

annual fee (plus their extra contributions), enjoying

protection, positive influence and a GOOD standing record.

Murderers, drug dealers, spies, scam artists, traitors, *Putin's (Locals).

Of course, I do not state that Mr. Clinton is aware of their actual identity.

On 1998 Mr. Trump met Melanija Knavs from Slovenia, a little

Country well known for it’s ties with Russia.

Melanija was a successful model and modeling is a hard business

to survive, unless you are KGB attached, but in order to be KGB

attached you most have the prerequisites, higher qualifications,

in that order I do not bite on her slow wife’s game.

I know, she is the boss, she holds and abides with the lines

given, not the Trump.

She may talk like an idiot, but her body language, often exposes her.

This is something, she can’t control no matter her efforts, likewise Trump.
On 2005 Melanija and Trump officiated their relationship and took the next step.

Mr. Trump brought changes some Democrats were thinking about,

but would had never attempt!

He performed the biggest Tax cut in History.

He deserted from TPP.

He is demolishing the NATO to the Russian's benefit.

Mr. Trump set new high Tariffs, a suicidal act for our economy.

He is on the bring to build a $90 billion wall, the time repeatedly said

the Wall will be paid by the Mexico.

He also said that he spoken with the Mexican president in

regards that subject but, Mr. Nieto states that he never

spoken with Mr. Trump and he will not pay for the wall, after

all who needs a Wall? He is ready to spend 200 billion in order

to BAILOUT! while our National debt stands to


Mr. Trump is ready to enact a 100 billion tax cut for the rich

without Congressional approval.

The new Tax cut is related to Capital gains on out of stock

sales mostly.

He withdrew from Syria, leaving minorities without support

compromising our interested on the Western ASIA.

He wants to enact a 10 billion special Tax charge, in order to

support the Farmers, victims of his NEW TARIFF Agenda,

and doesn't realizes that this tactic is destruction, renters

the problem worse, or he does, but simply do not care?

His Machiavellian agenda is (Marvelous!) Mr. Trump has

over-passed Baron Munchhausen on lies.

Mr. Trump has to be considered a (Local) because anyone

who promotes the interest of Russia on American soil is a Traitor

and does not deserves American Citizenship.

High rank officials must receive the death penalty.

New tariffs established will work for everybody else, but USA.

High Five!

Vladimir Putin and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, shortly after

the murder of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Arabian

embassy in Istanbul, they sat next to each other.

Putin convinced Trump to new (zones) areas of influence,

forcing him quit from NATO,

withdraw from Middle East and concentrate at South America,

the time we already are there and in good standing.

This is an emergency situation and we most take action now, later

on when developments take place it will be too late.
Juan Guaido and Nicolas Maduro are aware, we got no friends on this game.

Mr. Trump's frequent contradictions, indicate 3rd person’s

unstable and bad management.

In case I'm wrong and he does everything by himself,

he needs immediate hospitalization.

Mr. Putin on a given interview with Megan at Russia and on a

question in regards with his involvement during the elections,

told Megan that he didn't got involved and Russian hackers

didn't hacked our systems.

Also, he said that what his people do at USA (the Locals) ain't his

business, he even has no time to talk with his Ambassadors

all over the world, and he was partially right.

Mr. Putin only created the plan and everybody else has to do their part.

What is going on is an inside job, Putin's dream is to bring

us on depression and dismantle the NATO, because that will

be the beginning of the END for our Country and he is realizing

his dreams rapidly, expanding his economics in the E.U.

Putin's Dictatorship is a major obstacle, we most be welcome there,

like they are welcome here, create business, be Citizens,

have freedom of speech and pay them properly back.

*I most stipulate, that Putin’s (Locals) are only a small portion

of millions Eastern Europeans migrated in the USA

and became good Citizens, living on proper standards.