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Truth is always right, because no matter how stiff it is, allows you to prepare in order to confront the facts. TL    www.planetinperil.info

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At initial Eocene Age we had an abnormal interference which brought sudden, drastic climatic and geophysical changes, causing the Pangea's rupture and detachment. The Moon's launch and orbit took place as a result of the strong gas detonation by the Core, which became possible by the lack of proper gas decompression. In contrary to the fierce and devastating climate change from which the first 10 years the Planet went through a pitch-dark condition, until the excess of Carbon absorbed and Nature took over again, Geophysical changes took effect in permanent base. TL www.planetinperil.info  www.ourstarearth.com

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The breach rate expansion of the North American plate, in relation to the Eurasian and African plates, determines the number and activity of the Volcanoes on the seabed floor. The existing mid-Atlantic ridge likewise, as the other chunks or tectonic plates and the debris our Planet carries in permanent base by its day side in permanent base, is the result of the detachment and loss of the Atlantis Continent that used to be at the today's Pacific Ocean location. TL

EVENTS! The five subvolcanic events I witnessed on the Southwest coast of the South America the year 2020, from the Northern coast of Ecuador to the Patagonia, within a four month duration and then after two months on the Northeast American Ocean, sixty nautical miles Northeast of Cuba to the Southern N.Y. beach four additional events of subvolcanic activity, along with excessive black smoker like at the Southwest coast of the South America continent, are an example of the Active Radius works, while on the Core and the overpopulation of gases produced initially. Those events are critical, pronouncing the North America's destruction and undersea state shortly and in the near future. TL   ourStarEarth.com

The expiration of our active radius requires from us (the Humans) to protect our Active Core, by technical procedures. That means to preserve proper crust and Core's temperatures by creating five Km underground Countries on advanced Nuclear technology, in order to achieve our task. TL ourStarEarth.com

Greek, Trojan, and Hilda, are Planets at Jupiter's zone. They all are victims including the Jupiter, of the outer Asteroids layer cloud's inundation, result of the turbulence on that cloud from the Red Dwarf Star's Proxima Centauri close by passing. TL

Proxima Centauri's gravitational pull implement's the asteroids carried by, in to our outer Solar system's asteroids zone with, causing disturbance, destructive inundation of asteroids within our inner Solar system, and a real time threat of destabilization to our Sun as a result of the huge size asteroids bombards. Our Sun had a strong experience in the past from the Proxima's close encounter and its own gravitational pull. I hope that our route towards the center of the Milky-way will take our Solar system away from the Proxima close encounter. We got heavy challenges in the far future. Milky-way is anything else than a Milky-way! TL www.ourStarEarth.com

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The Moon consists of rock and seawater, although 1/3 of her surface clearly indicates, past huge, single event, multiple, single volcanic activity. Flooded with billions of cubic feet, nearly circular, dark colored, smooth, flat lava plains. Riles (crack like valleys), range in length up to hundred of miles long and several miles wide. The wrinkle ridges are futures produced as lava cooled and subsided. During the great detachment which happened at the today's Pacific Ocean, as a result of extreme subvolcanic activity along the fire ring, the center and western part of the Pacific (back then, there was land not an Ocean) and the Galapagos rift, during super volcanic continuous and simultaneous eruption, close to 1/3 of our Planet displaced to the space. TL www.planetinperil.info

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I can document the Moon's origin many ways. 1) The Moon's composition which one is identical to the Earth's.2) The shield type sealed volcanoes, Identical to the Hawaiian ones, on a Moon without a Core! 3) Our Planet's declination 4) The debris tidally locked by the Planet's day side 5) The existed Ozone Hole on top of the South Pole, which has the diameter of the Moon's circumference 6) and finally the Moon's crust which is thin curved (it should be like that) and as a result give us a different Moon phase, everyday!  TL   WWW.PLANETINPERIL.INFO

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Moon's debris on Black Smoker, Laing on South Mountains of Arizona. TL

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The event of the Pangea split happened suddenly, didn't happen progressively. The incident was an act of decompression, which send on orbit 1/3 of our Crust (our Moon), created the Ozone hole on top of the South Pole, and split the Pangea on pieces. Right now, we are on the same situation and online for another Act of decompression. People do not want to realize that. Their cars and vacations are more important and for some others their bills devastate them. One thing I want to stipulate today. The time will be on pretty soon and I assure them, they will not be fully aware of the change and what kind of event is taking their lives.  TL   ourStarEarth.com

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Our climate is subject of the movement - intensity - and Level of the liquid gases. What we encounter on the crust is only a locality. As an example on F.A.U. there is a wide array of Professors on a global warming curriculum, teaching thousands of students about an in-existed subject, on an in-existed Planet! The way the system works now, will create K's of graduates without a job, unable to pay their loans for a worthless education. Taking under consideration the proper structural form of our Planet, rapidly we must reform and correct all data courses. TL 07/06/23

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..and then you got Mary at her summer's day complaint, asking who made the Grasshoppers, asking what a prayer is? Declaring the single things she can do and asking what she should have done. You done fine Mary, enjoying a simple life is a safe approach to perfection, helping others to do the same is perfection. Yes, you done it properly with your questions. Your Grasshoppers have the same mother, like everything else up on the Planet, her name is Mother Nature. Our body is a temporary box of feelings, and our Spirit (Baryons) their editor.

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