Initial Eocene Age


Mid Atlantic Ridge
Black Smoker

Greeks Trojans and Hilda’s are Planets at Jupiter's zone, they all are victims

including the Jupiter of the outer Asteroids layer cloud inundation, as a

result of turbulence on that cloud from the Red Dwarf Star's Proxima

Centauri close pass by, Greeks might be affected by depressurization.

New Route
Puerto Rico Trench
Pacific Ocean
Maggelanic Clouds

Answer to Mary Oliver

..and then you got Mary at her Summer's day complaint, asking who made the Grasshoppers, asking what a prayer is. Declaring the simple things she can do and asking what she should have done. You done fine Mary, enjoying a simple life is a safe approache to perfection.

Helping others to do the same is perfection. Yes, you done it properly with your questions. Your Grasshoppers have the same mother like everything else upon the planet, her name is Mother Nature.

Our body is a temporary box of feelings,  and our Spirit (Baryons) their editor.  T.L.

Our Star
Thermal Maximum